Grey Rose Architects & Interior Design Studio.

Architecture is our core business, offering a range of services: from early concept design work, to a full Architectural Service. Working from a quirky studio in the Charnwood borough of Leicestershire, we have helped to deliver projects all around the UK. A key part of our role is helping clients through the various RIBA stages, while ensuring that projects are completed within the agreed budget and time frame. 



Our specialist sector, we enjoy working closely with private clients, helping them throughout each stage of the design process.  We take great pride in our individual designs and pay particular attention to detail when interpreting the clients brief.


GRA has a wealth of experience in designing beautiful interiors, which works alongside the architecture aspect of our studio - we firmly believe that a complete and rounded project should be thought about from all aspects - meaning inside as well as out.



Although we predominately design for the residential sector, hotelier design is a field unto its own - a home away from home.  Which is why we enjoy getting involved with projects which have a relevance to our main mission: to create beautiful,  liveable spaces.