Whether it's going up, down and/or out


Small additions can make a mighty impact to your existing home, sometimes a minor modification to an internal layout is all you need to make a space work again.  From attic & basement conversions to front/side/rear extensions, GRA will help to enhance your every day-to-day living.



It doesn't have to be broken to fix it...


Nostalgic to the core and up-cycling in its truest form, restoration and adaptation of old quirky buildings is a particular favourite of ours, here at GRA.  Conservation architecture sets a whole range of different additional challenges to the design process, but we happen to like a challenge.  It's a heartwarming feeling and a great sense of pride, when you are able to give something old a new lease of life.



Designing your dream home


Whether you are wanting an individual home in the middle of an idyllic setting or demolition to an existing building to make way for your unique space, Grey Rose Architects will help you to achieve your dream of building your own bespoke home from inception all the way through to completion.  Why would you want to be the same - when you can be different? 



Building for a sustainable future;


We at Grey Rose, challenge the conventional view that sustainable design is boring, complicated and expensive. Instead, we aim to deliver beautiful and elegant buildings that are economic to build and easy to use.

The core value of sustainable home is to minimise the energy consumed and carbon emitted during construction and while in use; by carefully specifying robust, renewable and natural materials.



Being beautiful the whole way through


Grey Rose are firm believers that each project should be a well thought out & well designed entire package.  With rich experience in interior designs, our studio will help you to specify & choose a variety of different wall coverings, paints colours, furniture, soft furnishings to lighting & interior decoratives.

Whether your taste is quintessential classical/traditional or avant-garde to cutting-edge super-minimalism - we can tailor to you.